International Watercolor Platform:

This the new project we are supporting. It is called INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR PLATFORM, you can reach it by:

- The project aim is to create the first WORLDWIDE WATERCOLOR DIRECTORY.
- It is a common project being developed by the contemporary watercolor community around the world. It will hopefully became a meeting place for the international watercolor community.
- It is not a social network, but a working tool to organize international communication and contacts, among all who play a role in the water-based art field: artists, audiences, schools, producers of art materials, masters, societies, brands, museums, galleries, curators and other related groups.
- The Platform, trough a Personal Profile, interacts with social networks and personal websites of each member, to promote the artists and the other professional actors of watercolor world, by their own communication channels.
- It is also a will of the International Watercolor Platform to give high visibility to watercolor events and artists across the globe.

It would be a honour if you could join the platform and subscribe in it creating your own personal profile.
It is very easy: you only need to enter the LOGIN button, than the SUBSCRIBE link and follow the requested process