together we agree that:
Angela Barbi deserve more attention on her Art works

Nadia Belardi: 
Angela Barbi is a well-known figure in the international watercolor scene, she accompanies herself with the greatest masters of this art and in this way, by breathing their art mode, she has refined her own artistic soul and has became an extrovert free and explosive artist. Her works are life and color, motions of her eclectic soul, they are pleasant and lovable just like she is in person
And also she is able to sing ....
Anna Massinissa:
I met Angela many years ago, sharing Art and travelling the roads of the world is something that both of us loved and needed like breathing. In recent time we travelled again together in amazing joy. Other than a great organizer and close friend to most of the world watercolorist, I discovered that Angela is also an interesting Artist - I feel that no barrier of any kind can give Angela a stop to grow a personal relation to Art.
I agree with Nadia about soul and life energy and freedoom beeing the components of a brave self research and I am sure that Angela has a lot more inside her heart to be expressed by Art.