Nadia Belardi:
Tan Suz Chiang's artworks sometimes borders on abstract art, still he keeps the
warmth colours from the best tradition in watercolor.
I really like his choice of colors: he often uses monocrome declined to became a  support for the structures  of the image and to create an atmospheres that belongs to no time.
He is an artist with great sensitivity, very modern and very strong
both in emotion and in evocative meaning.


Anna Massinissa:
When I met Tan Suz Chiang in China some years ago, he was inspiration for a lot of very young students and actually I thought his style was very brave and it was exactly what the world needed to grow next jeneration of watercolorist.
I am not surprised on how in the years he has developed to be more minimalist and very close to abstract: it is a developement done in coherence with his original style.
He is now deeply involved in a painting that is less a visual art and more art in movement, like a dance. Now Tan has became even more the perfect withness to show how Art can bring energy and can open our mind to be new. He really deserves a focus!

We both agree that:
This Artist, with a strong personal styl, is able to move from tradition to future and go back; to move from Malaysia to the world; to move from watercolor to life... movement seems his expression