ABOUT THE FABRIANOINACQUARELLO  EVENT  (today March 12) This is our official position:

>>>>  FabrianoInAcquarello May 25/31:
- Unless the governament unable events in the planned week, we do norrmal Fabrianoinacquarello 2020.- If the governament anable public event, we do Fabrianoinacquarello live streaming, with only a closed number of local and Italian talents allowed in the city to do the performances and the all world invited to see by their home. The exhibitions will be mounted in the venue normally: we will video spread the artworks and the venues. The catalogue will be printed and distributed as usual (1.500 selected artist in 80 countries).
>>>> Painting holiday June 1/5: (that was supposed to be in Milan area)
- Since it is not possible to go to Milan to organize the needed, we have changed the tour journey to Tuscany, Umbria and Marche Region. Of corse the tour will be done if the governament ables again the travelling arround Italy.
>> The situation with tickets and fee from hotels - you should ask now to be refunded, we believe it will take time to organize but all will be returned - expecially if you fell scared, do.
>> We are doing it because we feel that ART can give a positive mesage, and this is the time when we absolutely need it - we will appreciate all those who will support us, even by distance, to do it because, belive me, we are tired,  scared and frustrated as all world populationis , but as Artist we feel the responsability to do.