under one sky, Art is linked by an only horizon in an international Art performance
‐ The title of this project is #2020 Horizon because each artist is asked to paints a 20x20 cm artwork on paper, with a horizon.
‐ The project is open to global participation of any Artist in the world.
‐ The Artist can participate by uploading his painting in the International Watercolor Platform personal profile, at www.internationalwatercolormuseum.com (if you don’t have a profile in the platform, please do it, it is FREE. If you are not able to do, ask us by writing an e.mail to info@inartefabriano.it and we will do for you)
‐ Inside your profile, only the paintings titled #2020Horizon will be considered.
‐ Deadline for participation is March 31, 2021
‐ A selection of 500 paintings will be aligned on their horizons and joined in online into several giant virtual image posted in Facebook FabrianoInAcquarello at https://www.facebook.com/groups/261367377327759
or in
International Museum at www.internationalwatercolormuseum.com Internationall watercolor Platform.
or in
‐ A second selection, from the first one, of 100 paintings (that is 20 meters), will be permanent physically exhibit in Fabriano International Watercolor Museum as a testimoniancy of the 2020 world watercolor community linked by Art during the Covid pandemic time. The selected paintings must be post mailed to the International Watercolor Museum at the address that will be indicated.
Why are we doing it:
Covid has stolen us the possibility to meet and physically cooperate. Art did not stop and we have used our brushes as a tool to stay strong and communicate to each other by the online channels. Now with the new wave of virus, we feel again the need to propose the world watercolor community a challenge to be shared: a common project that together we can take care of, that can be done under a same sky by a far distance, trough the online tools, but that must also be physically realized: let the horizon be our physical link.
This project is developed by FabrianoInAcquarello leader community from an idea of 
Aidan O'Reilly